A Wealth of Consulting Experience


Stacking years of small business management experience with cutting edge and innovative startup expertise, the solutions from Progressive Business Consulting have a positive impact on your organization. Going beyond just the ideas, our services play out on paper and give your business the edge it needs to exceed growth expectations.

Accounting System Design

Desktop Management

Available for new and existing businesses alike, our accounting system design solutions give you the tools and strategy to stay on top of your finances, using an easy-to-understand blueprint to minimize waste, and maximize cash flow. We bring accounting efficiency to your fingertips, backing it up with on-site training and ongoing support.

Business Startup

Business startup assistance focuses on issues of accounting, management, technology, and more, empowering you with the skills and tools to proactively manage your company. We provide concrete guidance that works in the real world, providing years of extensive startup experience to help you avoid the mistakes that make other small businesses fail.

Interim CEO Services

Network Management

Our interim CEOs provide focus and direction during challenging times, taking advantage of key opportunities during turnover to enhance cash flow and re-energize your employees. Our CEO services focus on workflow management and profit optimization, ensuring you make a smooth transition to a new leadership team.

Process Design & Execution

Process Design

Our business process planning puts a premium on profitable growth, promoting organizational efficiency through flexibility, innovation, and the optimized use of technology. Our focus on execution ensures you get more than a blueprint, driving growth in your company with on-the-ground implementations.

QuickBooks Consulting

Quickbooks Consulting

Need help with the #1 accounting software? Going beyond basic functions, our Quickbooks consulting solutions ensure you get the most out of your investment. Optimizing use of the accounting software, we help you avoid costly audits and provide helpful insights into your day-to-day operations.

Short & Long Term Business Planning

Business PlanningOur business planning solutions provide innovative and proven growth strategies no matter what stage your organization finds itself. With comprehensive planning that addresses the problems that matter to you, we drive efficiencies in the financial, technological, and human resources aspects of your company, spurring growth while minimizing management headaches.

Software Selection & Implementation

Software Selection

Helping you select and implement the software that will move your organization forward, our focus is on optimizing workflow and increasing profits. Keeping software concerns off the desk of your managers and keeping time-consuming software updates out of the hands of your employees, our outsourcing model cuts costs and increases efficiency.

Workflow Optimization

Our workflow optimization services are focused on setting up systems that drive productivity, solving current problems in your organization with the goal of increased profit. Our solutions pair systems expertise with management experience, including a baseline assessment, strategic planning, and new workflow systems implementation. .

Hardware Solutions